Understand, Learn, Create & Publish…


AOZ Studio was created with a mission… “to help kids and grown-ups understand and learn”.  The AOZ goal is that everyone can start from scratch and create a bug-free program in 15 minutes!

Eazy – Build your applications, games or web sites thanks to the AOZ simple and efficient BASIC language.

Fast – The AOZ extended Basic language is converted in a fast effective portable  Javascript and HTML5 code.

Cross Platform – Your AOZ applications can run in a browser, or as a native executable on Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android and iOS, on any computer or smartphone.

Modern – AOZ is the “future”. Easy programming made so kids from 10 years old can start. With a simple syntax, the power of objects and parallel processing.

Powerful – AOZ applications will be able to interface with all the modern node.js and Javascript libraries.

Expandable – Create your very own set of instructions or extensions, interface with the cloud, the world at your fingertips.

Open Source – AOZ and AOZ Studio are free and open source. AOZ transpiler is supplied with a pay licence.