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Disk Boot v1.00

By Neil Halliday

This is the full source code to Disk Boot v1.00 that I created for my A-Level project from 1992/1993.

Disk Boot is a floppy disk boot sector management application that allows the copying, storing and restoring of boot sectors on a floppy disk. The main idea for the program was to enable the recreation of boot sectors where they had been overwritten accidentally, or by a boot sector virus.

Along with the program is the extension that I created to allow STOS Basic to do some low level disk functions, and a series of pre-saved boot sectors.

I have also included all my thesis notes about the project in the PDF file.

** NOTE: I cannot guarantee the operation of this program, and therefore cannot be held responsible for any damage or loss of data as a result of using it!



By Bruno Azzara

A fully functional STOS based art application from GBP Software. It’s look, feel and operation is very similar to Degas Elite. It supports all standard image file formats, including it’s own .GBP picture format and STOS source code for utilising them.

Bruno has kindly given us the full source code for the application, which is contained in the zip file, along with the release demo for the GBP STOS Extension which was bundled with the application.

In order to run the source code for GBPaint, you will need to have the GBP Extension installed.