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Ultra MOD 2 Sound Tracker Library

By Neil Halliday

I’ve been having a clear out of my home office and came across an old CD library of sound tracker MOD files that I got many years ago. According to the cover there are over 4,500 individual MOD files on it. I thought I would copy them off and upload to the site so you can download and use them for you lovely projects.

The archive is split up alphabetically, and you can download them from the links below. There are a few duplicates in there with different names, but I’ve just done a straight copy of the files off the CD.

Have fun!

UltraMod2 – 0
UltraMod2 – A
UltraMod2 – B
UltraMod2 – C
UltraMod2 – D
UltraMod2 – E
UltraMod2 – F
UltraMod2 – G
UltraMod2 – H
UltraMod2 – I
UltraMod2 – J
UltraMod2 – K
UltraMod2 – L
UltraMod2 – M
UltraMod2 – N
UltraMod2 – O
UltraMod2 – P
UltraMod2 – Q
UltraMod2 – R
UltraMod2 – S
UltraMod2 – T
UltraMod2 – U
UltraMod2 – V
UltraMod2 – W
UltraMod2 – X
UltraMod2 – Y
UltraMod2 – Z