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Bit Plane – O – Mania

By Neil Halliday

Bit Plane – O – Mania was an unfinished demo screen that I created in October of 1993 for a STOS Mega Demo that GBP were writing called “Hellbender”. I recently rediscovered the majority of the source code on one of my many floppy disks I have stored in the attic, but there were some elements missing. I’ve spent my spare time over the last week finishing off the screen so that I can make it available for download on the site. The code is by no means perfect, and I’m sure it can be optimised more, but it works.

The screen features:

  • Single plane 32×47 horizontal scroll text
  • Single plane vertical real-time sine waver scroller
  • 4 single plane sine wave sprites
  • 2 single plane moving logos
  • Lots of rasters (approx 256 colours on screen)
  • SNDH Music by Jochen Hippel (aka Mad Max)

Included in the zip file is the main BPOM.BAS file, which is the demo and some sub directories containing the source assets and utility programs for creating the data files in the correct format.

I’d love to hear your feedback on this demo screen, so please comment below!


How Many Can You See?

By Bruno Azzara (GBP) & Neil Halliday (GBP/Storm/TYG)

The unfinished “How Many Can You See?” screen from the abandoned Hellbender demo that we were writing together in ’92/’93.  This is a “4 in 1” demo screen that features four mini demos in each corner of the display.

Top Left = Multi colour pixel perfect horizontal sine wave scroller

Top Right = Multi colour sine wave logos (this should have had single plane “GBP” sprites bouncing around too, but never got added)

Bottom Left = Traveling landscape (this should have had 3D balls bouncing around on it)

Bottom Right = Multi colour & multi line sine wave text


DOWNLOAD the full source code.