STOSSER Issue #1 (April 1993)




Well, the first thing wanted is your adverts for this section. You can advertise anything computer related, but I’m sorry, no adverts for selling things will be accepted. Send all adverts to KEEFY, at the address on the menu screen.

WANTED: Anybody who is any good at art on the ST. In fact, you don’t even have to be that good. There are quite a lot of people out there who can code, but you will find few who can do the graffix as well. If you send me your name and address I will publish it and you will almost definitely get STOSSERS writing to you for some pictures or sprites, etc. If you include a couple of pics or sprites I will publish them for others to admire.

WANTED: Can anybody write an article about anything STOS related for this diskzine? This is an urgent WANTED ad. All entries must be in ASCII form. Then I can put them straight into the diskzine.

WANTED: Your problems. There must be a lot of them about. I know that when I am stuck on something there is nowhere to turn. Send me your questions and I will try to publish the answer by the following issue (depending on when I receive your problem). Also, let me know whether you want your name and address printed, with the view of other users contacting you. If you don’t, then I won’t print your name, etc.

WANTED: Contax. Wouldn’t you like someone to write to on a regular basis, to swap ideas, routines, etc. I have a few contax myself and they, in turn, have other contax. It is a great way of testing your programs on other people before releasing them into the Public Domain (or commercially – Ed).
It is also a good source of help. You will find some in this month’s STOSSER.

WANTED: Routines. Anything that makes life easier or you think may help others. Perhaps one you have made yourself and are proud of. Send it to me, then others can benefit.

WANTED: Would anyone be interested in taking over the LEARNING BASIC column? This will leave me free to concentrate on other things, like an even better STOSSER diskzine.

If you have a look at lesson one, you will see that it’s a tutorial for absolute beginners – for people who have never even tried; 10 PRINT “TONY”, etc. Therefore, you only need a good working knowledge of BASIC to write this section. But of course, you would HAVE to do a lesson a month. Have a think and let me know soon.

WANTED: Find yourself a STOS program, but not one you have made! Send me your review plus the program of course (so I’ll know what you’re on about). You will be credited for the review and if it’s half decent I will stick it on the disk.

WANTED: STOS MADE GAMES BY ANYONE (and serious stuff – Ed). Source only – for give-away on this disk please.

WANTED, WANTED, WANTED: Ideas, moans, compliments, absolutely anything for this diskzine, because, let’s face it, I will need all the help I can get and without help … will STOSSER survive?


Address to:
Tony Greenwood
29 Paxton Street

End of wanted/swap section.

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Neil Halliday

Neil started coding in STOS in 1989 just after it was released in the UK.

During those 31 years he has written numerous demo screens, routines, games and extensions, most of which are now lost due to a massive hard disk crash. What remains on floppy disk is still being discovered and posted on the STOS Coders website and stored in the cloud for everybody to enjoy (or laugh at).

Neil is the author of the GBP Extension which added some pretty cool commands to STOS, along with the "Development" extension that enabled enhanced STE functionality, including probably one of the simplest hardware scrolling routines around.

Along with Bruno Azzara, Geoff Harrison and Mike Halliday we had loads of fun back in the day trying to push STOS to it's limits. We are all now enjoying bringing our knowledge to a new generation of STOS Coders.

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