STOSSER Issue #1 (April 1993)




Have you any routines you can send me to give away in the STOSSER diskzine? Anything at all, but I have enough scrollers to last me a lifetime. So, anything interesting to the usual address please.

If you go to the desktop you will find a folder called ROUTINES.4U. Open this and you will find the SCROLLER.X4 folder containing four *.BAS files coded by various people and as you can guess, they scroll messages across the screen! They’re pretty good ones – so check them out.

The rest of the files are all routines to help you. They are not full games, but, eeerm, there are some new appear routines. The roll routine is the same one that rolls the pages up and down on this doc reader, but it is more impressive with a picture. I’ve put one in for you from Tony Gooding, a brilliant graffix artist. (This picture has been converted and retouched from a high resolution picture that came with a freebie disk – Ed).

The TALK.BAS file shows how to incorporate speech into your programs. It uses SPEAKTEXT and as far as I know has been converted for use within STOS by Martin Taylor. Somebody correct me if I am wrong about the name please.

Plus many more … so boot your STOS disk and have a looksy. There are bound to be at least a couple of routines that you will find useful. As always, make sure you read the REMS that are in the listings.

There are also a couple of *.ACB’s on this disk for you (there’s even one that will make you a brew). There’s a music bank that has six tunes. Just call them as music 1, music 2, music 3, etc. And there’s the full source to a program called “CHEATER”, which is a database that currently holds about 200 game cheats (not level codes, just cheats).

And there’s much, much more …

Well, that’s the lot this month, but there will be more next month.


Bye ………. Tony Greenwood.

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Neil Halliday

Neil started coding in STOS in 1989 just after it was released in the UK.

During those 31 years he has written numerous demo screens, routines, games and extensions, most of which are now lost due to a massive hard disk crash. What remains on floppy disk is still being discovered and posted on the STOS Coders website and stored in the cloud for everybody to enjoy (or laugh at).

Neil is the author of the GBP Extension which added some pretty cool commands to STOS, along with the "Development" extension that enabled enhanced STE functionality, including probably one of the simplest hardware scrolling routines around.

Along with Bruno Azzara, Geoff Harrison and Mike Halliday we had loads of fun back in the day trying to push STOS to it's limits. We are all now enjoying bringing our knowledge to a new generation of STOS Coders.

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